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On behalf of the industry in the German-speaking area, ARCHIPOINT visits architects physical or virtual directly at their place of work (PoS). In view of the following figures, it is impossible to reach all offices. However, the following figures also illustrate that this is not necessary for most producers on account of their different product portfolios. With regard to planning activities from "commercial construction" to "private residential construction", a prioritisation of the offices is important AND – on account of the necessity to explain building products – so too is the quality of the discussions.


Selection of architects' offices


According to the Federal Chamber's statistics there are 97,326 building architects in Germany.


An exact number of architects' offices cannot be correlated as half of them are freelance building architects. Some of them are "lone wolves", while others work temporarily in various architects' offices depending on the order situation. To that extent there are around 40,000 architects' offices in Germany.



120,000 architects – 40,000 offices (refer here to the adjacent article: "Architects: the self-exploiters" - only in german copy)

=> Not even 1,000 architects' offices achieve a gross income of 1 million euros per year.

=> fewer than 100 reach the "ten million euro mark"

The situation is similar in Austria and Switzerland.


With reference to these figures and the regional locations of the offices, ARCHIPOINT concentrates its meetings on the areas of high population density in the individual regions of the countries. In addition, we focus on offices with several employees and thus a broad planning spectrum. This allows us to respond to the architects' interests in various ways at each visit. Depending on the different requirements for the types of building currently supported (hotel, office, care, school, industry, residential building, etc.), the associated product advantages/benefits or solutions to problems offered by the each participant are referred to individually. The architects thus receive goal-oriented support with innovative products from the participating manufacturers. It's the details that turn a good design into an extraordinary building and thus set trends in construction.


Quality of the meetings

Our meetings take place at regular intervals (annually). A changing participant field of <= 10 building product manufacturers is communicated on site at the architect's workplace. The products mostly require explanation and their correct use in the building necessitates a comprehensive study of the documentation. That takes up a lot of time. However, the architects often don't have this time to spare in daily business.

Our "architect visitors" use the personal discussion to draw the architects' attention directly to the special features or specific characteristics of certain products and to answer initial questions. The architect subsequently decides which products he requires more information about according to his planning emphases and which ones he doesn't. The corresponding manufacturer is informed of these requests (see Examples of architect's enquiries / Leads =>)

The participants can also rate the quality of the information in the visit reports (names of buildings and contact mediation) using the aforementioned form "Customer satisfaction" => points 1 and 2

Statements by architects about our visits/discussions can be found in the PDF "Architect feedbacks" on the right and many more can be read on the page "ARCHITECT REFERENCES"


Put in a nutshell, ARCHIPOINT undertakes the following three tasks (3 Ps) in the architect marketing mix:


Product/sales communication

  i.e. establishment or enhancement of the product-specific awareness level as well as the communication of sales PR topics

Project or building research

  Enquiries about current usage possibilities

Prioritisation of architects' offices

 A/B/C grid individually for each participant with contact mediation in case of A-offices (networking)


International contact

Ray Pressler (CEO)

T  +49 2131 718 76 - 20 

M +49 172 322 87 69





1995          Founding of the German company ARCHIPOINT GmbH, Berlin 

1995-1996 Regional campaigns in Berlin/Brandenburg (BEBB)

1996-2000 Nationwide expansion

2001          Commencement of cross-national work in Switzerland

2003          Commencement of cross-national work in Austria

2012          Relocation of the company's headquarters in Germany

                      ARCHIPOINT GmbH, Neuss


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