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ARCHIPOINT is market leader in personal DIALOGUE of building-products by architects in the German-speaking area.

Since 1995 we visit anualy around 3,000 architects at their place of work (PoS) in the German-speaking area. Through the annual exchange of information about a changing, cross-trade manufacturer portfolio, the architects receive through physical-meetings and video-meetings at their working place continuous impulses and inspiration in the constantly evolving world architecture. With product innovations from both well-known and unknown brands, we support architects together in the setting of new trends in construction.

At times of well-filled order books or high workloads, many companies can no longer find the necessary time to take good care of the "conductors on the building site". However, for producers it is of prime importance to remain present at least in the regional architects hotspots. Larger/large offices constantly have several objects in various planning phases. Several years often pass from the design to the implementation planning to the use of the product, and during this time one should have one's finger on the architects' pulse as often as possible. Amongst other things, project teams and thus responsibilities change, and the construction progress usually deviates from what was planned. Accordingly, a brisk exchange of information is necessary.

About our physical-meetings and video-meetings producers retain a presence in many such offices and thus achieve a constantly high market penetration. Through our meetings directly at the architects' workplace (PoS), we support industrial partners in the introduction to or intensification of the product portfolio via PDF presentations and – if necessary – with videos and product samples, and pass on the architects' wishes. The load is thus taken off your own field sales in handling the current order situation without neglecting the decision-makers on the building site.

Cooperation with the industrial partners takes the form of participation in regional campaigns (analogous to participating in trade fairs as exhibitors). And like a trade fair, a campaign is accompanied by a cross-trade building products portfolio. However, on account of it being a personal visit and the limited time frame that this entails, the number of participants is limited to <= 10 companies – as opposed to a trade fair with a two or three-figure number of exhibitors. A certain number of offices are physical or virtual visited within a named time period (see "Termine/Events"). At the meeting, selected participants' products are communicated in relation to the most diverse possible uses in objects. Depending on how the individual participants in a regional campaign are represented locally by field sales, we also directly establish subsequent personal contacts at the architects' request.

Our inhouse-events thus represents an alternative or supplement to outside-of-office-events for many building product manufacturers as well as for a large number of architect's offices with regard to impulses and inspiration in order to keep up to date in the constant evolvement of architecture (refer here to the extracts on page "REF. ARCHITECTS" and "REF. MANUFACTURERS").


We are always excited about the personal words of architects come up with about our video meetings; see adjacent PDFs "Architekten-Feedback ..:"

architect feedback with handwritten statements